If you registered as a competition player and received an LFBB licence, you can participate in official tournaments throughout Belgium and abroad. For more information, please consult LFBB page and useful documents section.


In Belgium, clubs organising tournaments are either affiliated to the LFBB (French league) or to Badminton Vlaanderen (Dutch-speaking league). The tournament calendars are published on both websites: LFBB calendar or Badminton Vlaanderen calendar.

Registration for the tournament is done through the TournamentSoftware website.

League (Interclubs)

It is possible to represent BC BADDICTS as a team in LFBB interclub championships that is played October-April of the current badminton season. Men’s, women’s, mixed teams could be set up. Decisions of setting up teams are usually taken in May or June of the previous season. Home interclubs matches are played on Saturdays from 10.00 to 14.00, taking up 2 to 4 fields. 2020-2021 season Baddicts will have four teams. Schedules and results are available on the Interclubs summary page for Baddicts.

In case of accident

As a registered player, you are automatically affiliated with the LFBB. The LFBB provides insurance for all its members. Therefore you are insured in case of accident on our club’s grounds, or during an official LFBB tournament. More information on LFBB website: accident information and declaration form in French and in German. Sorry, no English version. Full details of LFBB insurance policy can be found here.

The completed form needs to be signed by a club representative and sent within the first 6 days, either by email or to the postal address of LFBB (Boulevard de France 9A, 1420 Braine-l'Alleud).